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Why let discomfort keep you from living life to the fullest when Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy can help you with physical therapy for knee pain in Spokane, WA. Knee pain physical therapy is the perfect solution for a range of different types of knee injuries.

No matter your diagnosis, we’d love to show you the many ways PT treatments can help you get back in the game, back to work, or back to waking up without inflammation, stiffness, and pain.

  • Fractures & Dislocations
  • Pre & Post-Surgical Treatment
  • ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Injuries
  • PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) Injuries
  • Torn Meniscus
  • Knee Bursitis
  • Patellar Tendonitis
  • Arthritis

Get Stronger With Knee Pain Physical Therapy

Outpatient physical therapy can help increase the mobility and muscle strength of the connective tissues around your knee joints. By strengthening joint capsules, fascia, muscles, and tendons, your joints will feel better, and your mobility will increase.

As an added benefit, regular treatment can help bolster your functional activity tolerance, which is key for leisure, play, work, and daily mobility.

Safe, Natural Treatments For Knee Pain

Imagine being able to reduce or completely eliminate potentially dangerous and addictive opioid medications. Even if you take over-the-counter medications, there is still the potential for side effects and other long-term implications that they can have on your body. Physical therapy for knee pain is natural, safe, drug-free, and holistic.

We create a regular exercise and physical therapy regime that is effective and safe for you based on your unique goals, current abilities, and needs.

Physical Therapy Can Uncover Underlying Pain Problems

In many instances, your knee pain is only the symptom of a greater problem. If the underlying cause of your pain isn’t treated, it can lead to more serious complications. For example, limited range of motion, poor posture, and weakness can all be caused or worsened by things you may be doing.

Whether it’s by improving body mechanics or ergonomics, we can help you feel better and develop more energy-efficient and safe ways to reduce your risk of further injury through physical therapy for knee pain.

Schedule Knee Pain Treatment Today

If you suffer from chronic knee pain, you don’t have to take it lying down. The highly skilled team at Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy can help. We offer tailored physical therapy solutions designed for you. Contact us to make an appointment in Spokane, Washington today or to learn more about our physical therapy for knee pain services.

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