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For Employers

Prevent or rehabilitate worker injuries with physical therapy services for employers and job-sites from Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley. We offer specialized services tailored towards business owners, municipalities, and other employers. What We Do For Employers Specialized Work Conditioning Programs Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) On-Site Ergonomic Assessment

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Physical Capacity Assessment

Functional Capacity Evaluations

At Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy, we offer comprehensive functional capacity evaluations (FCE’s) for injured workers in Spokane, WA. Make sure you’re ready to return to work after an injury. We can test for a wide range of on-the-job capabilities. What Are Functional Capacity Evaluations? FCE’s are also known as

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Job Site Assessments

Job-Site Assessments

Reduce workplace injuries, adjust to employees returning to work, or determine if your teams could benefit from a work conditioning program with job site assessments by Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy in Spokane. Our skilled physical therapists can inspect your premises for possible physical safety hazards and show you how

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Work Related Injuries

Work-Related Injuries

If you’ve been hurt on the job or have injured employees that need quality care, Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy can help with rehabilitation services for work-related injuries in Seattle. Pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, and muscle weakness can all keep you from being productive or even showing up

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