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We work closely with employers from many different industries to prevent worker injuries or rehabilitate them with physical therapy services. At Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley, WA, we offer these specialized services tailored for business owners, municipalities, and other types of employers. No one wants on-the-job injuries, so let us help!

What We Do For Employers

Protect Yourself & Your Workers

We can assess worker procedures to evaluate the likelihood of an injury happening and make sure you have proper safety procedures in place. A safer, healthier workplace will keep you and your employees from painful, costly accidents and injuries.

Hiring & Healing The Best

Your new hire may look great on paper, but will they be able to adequately perform the required tasks day after day? Our pre- and post-offer physical abilities testing is a valuable tool in choosing the right person for the job. This physical therapy service protects both you and your potential employee from work injuries and accidents due to incompatibility or existing health and fitness issues.

We can also provide services to rehabilitate an injured worker or promote fitness and ability in your employees. If you have a need for professional job modification services, our physical therapists are experienced in this specialty as well. Job modification evaluations identify changes that can be made to allow a worker to perform a specific job.

Schedule Employer Services

Contact Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment to ask about our job-site assessments. We look forward to providing you with professional employer physical therapy and industrial rehab services throughout the Spokane Valley area.

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