Job Modification Recommendations

Spokane Valley employers looking for job modification recommendations can trust Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy. We can perform many different types of assessments in our office to protect both you and your staff, help ensure workplace safety, and to plan for employee rehabilitation following on-the-job injuries. We help with:

Stay Legal With An ADA Compliance Review

The American With Disabilities Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against job applicants and employees with physical disabilities. You may need to put reasonable work accommodations in place to make your existing facilities accessible to disabled employees. We can help identify compliance issues so that you can make the necessary modifications. To learn more about how our job modification assessment services can help ensure you are ADA compliant, contact us.

We Can Conduct Fit For Duty Tests

An employee returning to work after an injury may be unsure about their ability to perform their regular job duties. A fit-for-duty test conducted by one of our Spokane Valley physical therapists can help determine whether an employee is ready to return to total capacity or needs to ease back in through a rehabilitation program.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Especially when a job is physical in nature, it’s essential to identify whether or not an employee is fit to carry out the job you are offering them. Identifying a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, both physical and mental, can help you to make informed decisions about hiring and may help prevent a future on-the-job injury from occurring.

Looking for Job Modification Recommendations?

Ensuring your employees have a safe work environment is good for morale, productivity, and your bottom line. Our team can provide you with the job modification assessments to help ensure the safety of everyone. To learn more about our workplace assessment services for Spokane Valley area employers, contact Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy today.

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