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We treat you like family

At Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on treating our patients like family. We care for patients of all ages with personalized PT plans. We are also taking precautions to keep you safe from COVID-19. 

Physical Therapy & Rehab in Spokane Valley

We are committed to excellence in many specialized areas. We offer a unique, hands-on approach to sports therapy, outpatient physical therapy, and industrial rehabilitation services for patients in Spokane Valley, Washington. 

Outpatient Physical Therapy

We provide sports therapy and treatment for neck and back pain, shoulder and knee pain, hand injuries, and more.

Surgical Physical Therapy

Increase mobility, encourage healing, speed up recovery, and reduce joint pain with our hands-on approach.

Sports Physical Therapy

Our customized treatment plan can help get you back in the game, prevent future injuries, and help improve performance.

Who we are

Our mission is to assure that all patients receive the highest quality physical therapy in Spokane Valley and the surrounding areas. We want to help you achieve the best possible outcome. We have over three decades of experience healing and helping both patients and employers. 

A person receiving a swedish massage to their neck.

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A person with sciatica pain in need of physical therapy.

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You have a choice of where you receive your physical therapy treatment in Spokane Valley. We provide personal attention and excellent service, because patient satisfaction is our priority. See what our happy patients have to say.

Angela F.
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Our teenage son received some really excellent advice after over-training/over-stretching in preparation for Track season. Dr. Freeman was wonderful in guiding him to try new stretches and within a couple days he was on the mend! Great compassionate care. Thank you!
Tony T.
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Very Knowledgeable staff and Sean is great! I've been to other Physical Therapy offices before and the staff here is a step above the rest!
Mark W.
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Excellent and expert physical therapy support following knee replacement surgery for my 86 yo mother. With Sean and his team’s help, my Mom was up and around with no cane or walker only 6 weeks after surgery. Sean went the extra mile to help me and my Mom understand her progress, what to focus on for best results and how to restore muscles important to balance and walking.

our staff

Why choose us

We use evidence-based techniques to offer you a variety of custom programs. You will receive expert care from our licensed therapists as you continue your journey to pain-free movement and mobility.

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