Physical Therapy For Headache Relief

Several conditions can cause headaches, yet many are alleviated by physical therapy (PT). Here at Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy in Spokane, WA, we are knowledgeable in treating different categories of headaches. As movement experts, our therapists specialize in using PT for headache pain relief.

  • Muscle Spasm Or Cervicogenic Headaches
  • Cranial Neuralgias & Facial Pain
  • Injury Related Headaches
  • Migraine & Cluster

Muscle Spasm Or Cervicogenic Headaches

Patients suffering from this type of headache may experience tension-type headaches and neck pain. Headaches may be caused by tumors, fractures, or rheumatoid arthritis in the cervical spine. When this happens, there is often a decrease in the patient’s range of motion. Physical therapists can evaluate and provide exercises to improve range of motion and offer headache relief.

Cranial Neuralgias & Facial Pain

Cranial neuralgias may coincide with other types of headaches like migraines. Physical therapy treats neuralgias that result from injury or pinched nerves, such as occipital neuralgia. This treatment might also include capsaicin or anesthetic creams.

Injury That Causes Headaches

We help patients whose headaches are caused by car accidents and other injuries. We perform exhaustive evaluations, carefully listen to our patient’s symptoms, and devise a treatment plan to treat injuries and safely reduce the chances of long-term damage. Therapists supervise all exercises in-office.

Migraines & Physical Therapy

Although migraine headaches affect the central nervous system (CNS) and drugs can alleviate CNS pain, PT also plays a role. The CNS includes the spinal cord, brain, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. PT for headache pain relief can provide temporary solutions and reduce the pain, especially during the onset of a migraine.

Disease Can Cause Headaches

An initial visit to a physical therapist usually begins with an examination and questions about the type of headache and frequency, especially when there is an undetermined disease. You may also be asked about a previous injury to your head or neck. Several tests will be done to check your muscle strength and even note the sensations you’re feeling. Our physical therapists will also consider your standing and sitting posture while doing several activities.

Get Headache Relief Today Call For An Appointment

Let Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy of Spokane help determine the cause of your headache by a comprehensive examination, interview, and testing. We aim to help you experience less intense and less frequent headaches with appropriate physical therapy.

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