Physical Therapy For Balance Issues

If you’re struggling with balance issues, Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy, in Spokane Valley, WA, may be able to help you regain your stability. If you’re interested in trying physical therapy, talk to your primary care physician to see if it’s right for you.

What Does Physical Therapy Encompass?

Physical therapy is a type of healthcare that focuses on helping people with injury recovery, progressive degenerative conditions, nervous system disorders, and other movement and stability-related problems.

Whether your balance problems are due to vertigo, a stroke, or simply increased age, a licensed physical therapist can work with you to develop a custom-tailored recovery plan. By identifying the underlying mechanisms of balance dysfunction, they can teach you the best exercises for your specific situation.

The evaluation & treatment of a physical therapist can include:

  • An assessment of which muscles require strengthening or other changes in life to improve balance
  • Working with you on guided exercises stretches, and assistive devices to increase your flexibility, improve stability and restore your balance so you reduce your fall risk
  • Creating a care plan that meets your specific needs for the best possible recovery
  • Ensuring you have the tools necessary to function at your best

Increasing Your Balance With Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy for balance restoration is to use exercises, stretches, assistive devices and props, and precise body positioning strategies to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility, thus reducing your risk of falling. Your therapist might also teach you how to fall safely, which can protect you from injury if you do happen to lose your balance. You will likely focus on specific exercises designed to strengthen your core and other essential balance-supporting muscles at each session.

Common Balance Issues That PT Can Help Treat

  • Vertigo & Other Vestibular Disorders
  • Proprioception Deficits
  • Balance-Gait Abnormalities
  • Upper Cervical & Core Instability
  • Neurologically-Induced Balance Dysfunction
  • Age-Related Balance Decline

What To Expect At Your First PT Appointment

Therapy often begins with a full evaluation; it will help your physical therapist identify which muscles need strengthening or other life changes to improve balance. From there, they may guide you through exercises like stepping with one foot in front of the other on an unstable surface or single-leg standing challenges to sharpen coordination. Additional tools may include using balance bars, graduated treadmill work with visual cues, or even virtual reality training, depending on your clinic’s resources.

Supplemental Stability Training Ideas

In addition to traditional therapy techniques, holistic exercise practices such as Tai Chi and yoga are excellent options if your doctor approves of them. All of these modalities combine to strengthen your core and create an empowering outlook for the future. With these recreational activities and regular PT appointments, you can find hope in discovering stability again.

PT Treatment For Balance Near Me

Ultimately, physical therapy isn’t just about balance—it’s also about ensuring that individuals have the tools necessary to achieve their highest level of functioning. With the right plan of care tailored specifically to your needs, an experienced physical therapist can help you regain your best quality of life. For quality care in Spokane Valley, WA, contact Centennial Sports & Physical Therapy today to schedule your first appointment.

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